Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"FLY, GIRL" by Mara Herron

After receiving the fortune cookie message while “you love the spotlight, become an entertainer” three times while studying at UCLA, Mara Herron knew the Chinese were up to something, and after graduation, moved from her roots in Southern California to New York City to pursue her destiny. The only problem she faced was her own inner civil war between the two types of entertainment she planned to pursue: hip hop dance and stand-up comedy.

While studying as a hip hop dancer, Mara learned she had to tap into a side of herself that was sexy and sultry, letting go of any inhibitions she had before about her body and its ability. Unfortunately, the comedian inside her made it incapable for her to take herself seriously doing that, and eventually she steered away from dance and began stand-up. Herron then felt she had to make a choice between the two, and it wasn’t until she realized that the only person limiting her from being an entertainer who is capable of being humorous and sexy in the same show, is herself.

Thus in Fly, Girl, Mara Herron describes her trials and tribulations of pursuing her two passions: hip-hop dance and stand-up comedy. Fly, Girl explores her adventures of waitressing at P. Diddy’s restaurant, her imagined bout with gout, denying her sorority ties, plus growing up with a Mormon boyfriend and a Mexican housekeeper.

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