Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"So-Low Show" by Brooke Van Poppelen

Reluctant to be in the spot light or to be talented at anything, from a young age Brooke Van Poppelen had always taken the easy way out of everything.

But luckily the universe was generous over the years and kept dealing mortifying blow after blow so that her laundry list of stupid decisions, bad luck, failed relationships, and bizarre obsessions drove her to become a comedian. Surviving the maelstrom that is life has led Van Poppelen to believe she is good at something and that people should pay to see it, which is a slippery slope for a reformed anti-depressant abuser prone to emotional black holes and shame eating.

So-Low Show is a vulnerable tour through Van Poppelen’s absurd world where pilfering Lean Pockets on Xmas eve, marrying (and eventually divorcing) a sworn enemy, and purposely losing her incumbent 6th grade spelling bee championship title, is all completely normal, even justifiable behavior for a person without impulse control.

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